Hyper Virtualization Technology Is Enterprise Class Virtualization For The Data Center And Hybrid Cloud

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Hyper virtualization Technology
Hyper virtualization technology is enterprise-class virtualization for the data center and hybrid-cloud.
Hyper-V virtualizes hardware to provide an environment in which you can run multiple operating systems at the same time on one physical computer. Hyper-V enables you to create and manage virtual machines and their resources. Each virtual machine is an isolated, virtualized computer system that can run its own operating system. The operating system that runs within a virtual machine is called a guest operating system.
It bolsters IT efficiency and flexibility with faster virtualized application deployment and maintenance. Built on Hyper-V, included in Windows Server, Microsoft virtualization solutions help reduce costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers. Increase IT agility and flexibility across on-premises and cloud resources with Microsoft virtualization.
Hyper-V in Windows and Windows Server can replace older hardware virtualization products from Microsoft, including Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Windows Virtual PC.
Roles and technology Description:
The Hyper-V role enables to create and manage a virtualized computing environment by using virtualization technology that is built in to Windows Server. Installing the Hyper-V role installs the required components and optionally installs management tools. The required components include Windows hypervisor, Hyper-V Virtual Machine…

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