Huntington's Disease Research Paper

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Matthew J Rela
Kean University
HED 4333
This paper explores Huntington’s disease (HD) which is described as a genetic condition where a mutation occurs on the Huntington gene. This mutation has a specific pathophysiology that leads to the clinical manifestations of the disease. Due to the non-curable nature, the patient management is simply palliative care. Diagnostic and predictive testing can be performed; however, the results are merely to know if the mutation is present.

Alcohol has been a very controversial drug since the time that it was created back around 8000 BC. Some believed that alcohol was a substance to be enjoyed at festivities and celebratory events while others tried to ban the
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This data showed that in 2005 men aged from 16 to 44 drank an average of 47 units of alcohol per week, whereas women in the same age range drank 41.5 units per week. In 2012 the numbers drop drastically when the average drinks per week for men become 35 and the number of drinks per women of the same age range becomes 29.5. This shows that the current trends of alcohol use are on the decline. There are some hazards that are associated with consuming alcohol both short term and long term. Many of the effects have been well researched and documented through numerous years of study. So many people realize the short term effects of alcohol and that’s the reason that they not only consume it but keep going back for more. Alcohol relaxes the body and acts as a depressant which slows the heart rate and numbs pain and feeling. There are many more severe short term …show more content…
This really isn’t a substance that is administered in hospitals or allowed in environment’s that could be kid friendly. High risk behaviors associated with alcohol consumption include but are not limited to violence, impaired driving, and the transmission of STD’s. Due to the disruption in normal brain functions, alcohol may encourage aggressive conduct. This occurs because it weakens mechanisms in the brain that usually discourage a person from overreacting to a social cue ( Driving under the influence is also a high risk behavior linked to alcohol. Driving requires complete attentiveness and the ability to make quick decisions. When drinking alcohol, driving becomes a dangerous action and potentially lethal ( Binge drinking is often related to risky sexual behaviors and the potential transmission of STD’s. Drinking heavily in a limited amount of time increases the risk of having unprotected sex which ultimately increases the risk of transmitting an STD

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