Hunger Of The United States Essay

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Hunger in the United States is not a new dilemma by any means, However it seems to be an unvoiced one. It is rarely talked about among politicians or the public in general even though it is a serious problem. A serious problem like this needs to be thrown out into the light for the public to know. The film documentary a Place at the Table does just this. The directors and other experts provide a vivid picture of the serious affects hunger has along with the reasons and unknown facts about hunger. The documentary goes over the problems that help stir up hunger from political policies, subsidizing of certain foods, and shows that our country doesn’t even lack the capabilities needed to feed its citizens. By mixing hard evidence and anecdotal stories from everyday people that struggle with hunger they drive the point home that this issue should not be one that should be swept under the rug.
The documentary tries to subtlety show the problems of hunger in the United States, while not be overwhelmingly aggressive. They point out several causes of the hunger epidemic which 50 million people suffer from in our country. While pointing out several problems they highlight the Food stamp system, subsidizing of foods, and other government policies. They identify the first problem as being the integrity of the Food Stamp program. Rosie and her family of 7 that live in Colorado didn’t qualify because they made to much money, However they highlight that it’s not enough as Rosie’s mom only…

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