Essay on Humanism And Its Impact On Society

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Humanism in A Brief History of Thought was defined as “ man found himself for the first time alone, deprived of the support of both cosmos and GOD.” Before this idea of humanism came around the cosmos was in the forefront along with God. The cosmos was a way of looking at things in a natural order and God was sought after for salvation. Humanism came in and changed it and created a new revolution with different ways of thinking and attaining ideas. Humanism gave people more reassurance that it is okay to question and doubt things like religion. Having open criticism helps societies to improve upon the old ways of doing or thinking about things, in my opinion. Now humanism did not completely get rid of past ways of thinking about philosophy, it merely sought to change them so they were more relevant and helpful for the times. For example, the Greeks consider science the work of contemplation, but once humanism came about science became not just a bunch of speculation, it became a job. We now instead of saying maybe this does this or causes that, we make connections between occurrences and associate effect with a cause, this is called the principle of causality. Having just speculation, then going to making connections is a big step in the right direction in this time. Before humanism people were limited to passive speculation, which was all in the mind, but humanism allowed people to actively make connections out loud so we were not just seeing thoughts, we were expressing…

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