Human Trafficking : The Purpose Of Sexual Exploitation And Point Out That Sex Trafficking

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This paper will primarily discuss human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and point out that sex trafficking happens all over the world including here. Sex trafficking is defined as the act of forcing, coercing, or conning someone into performing any sexual act. Sex trafficking of women and girls is a growing crime against humanity, and one that must be combated on multiple levels, international, domestic and local. One of the most important things to understand about sex trafficking survivors is that none of them wanted to go through this. Sometimes it happened to them because someone promised them food or shelter, a place to live, protection or medical care. Sometimes it’s because they were born into a society where they’re expected to sexually used and abused. Sometimes it’s as simple as trusting the wrong boyfriend.

Children being trafficked
Selling children into sex trafficking may seem like a remote issue, something that happens in far off places where kids live in extreme poverty and their rights aren’t valued. According to U.S. Law, anyone younger than eighteen who is selling or being sold for sex acts is a victim of sex trafficking, whether it’s done by force or not (Sher, A. 2014).
As horrible as the prospect of women being trafficked might be, the idea of children being trafficked is even more monstrous. Children have little or no ability to protect themselves and need others to protect their rights, children should have greater…

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