Human Trafficking In Society Essay

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Human trafficking is a big epidemic in today 's society. There have been many cases everyday that been on the news or that we read in the new york times or daily news, indicate that someone was caught human trafficking. So what is human trafficking? Well human trafficking is the act of moving someone or keeping someone against their will. This definition was built over history leading up to modern times. Before we get into the modern times of human trafficking I will like to take it back to the African American slave trade. According to the history of human trafficking “it states that since the American and European continents were involved as buyers and the different African groups were both items of trade and middlemen. It is the first …show more content…
So basically what that quote is trying to say is that throughout society there have been many epidemic of human trafficking throughout the united states. The article goes on to states Over the past decade, human trafficking has been identified as a heinous crime which exploits the most vulnerable in society. Also in the article the author list many cases of human trafficking like in New Haven: Bridgeport Man Charged with Forcing Minor into Prostitution and Little Rock Wynne Woman Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Prostituting Her Minor... Chicago: Man gets 22 years for transporting minors to engage in prostitution. .Boston: Two Massachusetts Men Detained in Rhode Island on Federal Sex Trafficking Tampa Brothers Convicted in Child Sex Trafficking Conspiracy when i put the all these cases is to show that these are just in this month. So can you image how many cases have been past and how many more to come in the

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