Human Trafficking In Russia Case Study

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This criminal study will define the problem of human trafficking in Russia and an analysis of legal resolutions to legalize prostitution in the international sex trade. Russian society is currently under siege from a growing level of criminal organizations that kidnap and force women into illegal prostitution rings. This form of human trafficking defines a lack of criminal enforcement and prevention of human trafficking Russia, which demands a new international approach to legalization and enforcement of women’s rights through the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC). More so, new international policies towards the legalization of prostitution must be brought forward to help Russia combat the international scope of human trafficking. …show more content…
The sex trade is, of course, defined as being illegal in Russia due to the kidnapping and subjugation of women into this field of the criminal underworld. Buckley (2009) defines human trafficking as a new form of slavery, which relies on the taboo of illegal market activity and dehumanizes women on a massive scale. This form of coercive and hostile attacks on women are a major issue in terms of human trafficking as a major part of law enforcement on a global …show more content…
More so, a lack of adequate law enforcement reports on human trafficking makes it difficult to gauge the severity of the sex trade in terms of criminal syndicate activity inside Russia and in the international markets. In the middle to late 2000s, these findings suggest a problem with convictions of human traffickers in the sex trade:
Whilst results are hard to establish since the Russian authorities do not report them in aggregate data, it is known that ‘at least’ nine traffickers were convicted and six ended up in prison in 2005, ‘at least’ 13 were convicted in 2006 and 46 in 2007. There were 139 police investigations into trafficking cases in 2007, up from 125 in 2006, 80 in 2005 and 26 in 2004 (Buckley, 2009,

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