Human Trafficking: A Global Problem

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Human trafficking is a global problem and has been around for hundreds of years. But not many people are aware of it and even if they are aware they have no clue how to help or contribute to the awareness campaign. What are the effects of human trafficking in Malaysia, Cuba, and The United States? How effective are laws at preventing it? The United States have set up a program known as TIP(Trafficking In Persons) report which analyzes what other countries are doing to prevent human trafficking. This program may just be the global solution to human trafficking.
Human trafficking targets often come from a vulnerable population, including migrants, oppressed or marginalized groups, runaways or displace person, and the poor. Anyone can become
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Child Sex Trafficking is when a child under the age of 18 is harbored, transported,recruited and used for sex, This can lead to the child having many diseases, physical and psychological trauma as well as unwanted pregnancies. Forced Labor is the harboring, transporting, recruiting or obtaining a person for the purpose of forcing them to work in unsanitary conditions. The harborer can impose physical threat and abuse the victim. Migrants are most vulnerable to this form of human trafficking. Bonded Labor is when the victim owes the captor debt and is forced to work it off. Migrants are the ones mostly involved in this in their own country.
Domestic Servitude is victims who work in private homes, he or she is not free to leave their employer's home and is not paid for the work that they do. Domestic workers especially women receive various forms of abuse, exploitation, harassment and sexual. Forced Child Labor is a case in which children are allowed to work when they are a certain age and in certain conditions. Those who are forced to work are worked as slaves, children are not educated, they can not leave the area and place in unsanitary areas. Child Soldiers are the unlawful recruitment or use of children under the age of 18 who are recruited by a state or
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“The Suppression of White Slaves Traffic” was made to protect women from being trafficked. It later became “traffic in women and children” so that it applied to all women and children regardless of age or race. In 1995, the United Nations held the fourth World Conference to address the issue of trafficking of women. In this meeting, there were many ideas discussed the concept of violence and sexual exploitation against women. This was also when international laws of human trafficking were being made on a global scale. They began making programs that included educational and rehabilitation institutions to provide for the social, medical, and psychological needs of victims of trafficking. To help inform victims of how to take care of themselves and also talk to those who are well informed so that they can be more welcomed into talking about their

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