Essay on Human Rights And The United Nations

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Human Rights
Human rights is created to protect individuals from political, legal, and social abuse. Human rights are present in moral judgement and in law at national and international levels. Organizations that implement these laws and develop moral attitudes are the United Nations, Council of Europe, the Organization of American States, and the African Union. Examples of human rights are right to freedom, right to a fair trial, right to equality, and right to a quality education. Human rights revolve around protection, status, freedom, or benefit. Human rights are universal and are considered to be highly regarded (Retrieved from:

Organizations that protect human rights are the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural organization (UNESCO) and United Nations (UN) which declare education as a basic human right that provides people with opportunities, established freedom, and develops self-esteem. The purpose of UNESCO and the UN is promoting education of all people internationally and nationally. Furthermore, UNESCO believes every person should get to participate in a quality education. Moreover, education is the opportunity to advance economically and socially (Retrieved from:
The education system in the United States examines human rights and places mandates on states to protect these human rights. There are several laws in the United…

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