Human Resources Management Essay

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HROB Self-Reflection Individual Essay A manager is an individual who usually oversees a firm or companies actions on a daily basis. A manager has to have qualities of a leader to be selected for this position because in general the manager’s job has a huge weight on the company he is managing and can be a main cause for their major downfall or great success. There have been many influential and important leaders throughout history that have made the world a better place to live in, such as, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and Steve Jobs, these men have mad the world a better place by taking a stand and having very strong leadership skills. It does not matter what your managing or what kind of manager you are it is crucial to have …show more content…
Once their resume and their interview are good enough for them to be a good edition to the company they can then be selected to work with you and have a positive outcome on the company. On the other hand when it comes to selecting a certain employee to do a specific job that requires a specific set of skills you will need to consider different things than you would when simply hiring someone to work in general. For this scenario you will need to evaluate each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and decide which people would work best with each other if this is a group assignment that needs to be done. Once you realize which members have good chemistry and productive work habits you can just select anyone.
Motivation is a psychological stimulant that causes the person that was motivated to act in the preferred way that was the motivator’s intention the whole time. Motivation can be anything from a physical pat on the back to a compliment that someone gives in order for a person to realize their potential and work harder. The purpose of motivating someone is too get them to either keep up the hard work or it’s too get them to work harder because they are not as productive as the manager would like them to be. According to a recent study ``55% of employees are not motivated by getting a new title if it comes with the same salary as they had

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