Essay on Human Resource Management Plan Of Clive V2.0

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Human Resource Management

This section of the Human Resource Plan explains the purpose and importance of having a human resources management plan. It should provide a general description of what the plan includes and explain how the project manager and project team can use the plan to help them manage the project effectively.
The human resources management plan is a tool which will aid in the management of this project’s human resource activities throughout the CLIVE v2.0 project until closure. The human resources management plan of CLIVE v2.0 includes:
• Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members Throughout the Project
• Project Organization Charts
• Staffing Management Plan to Include: o How resources will be acquired o Timeline for resources/skill sets o Training required to develop skills o How performance reviews will be conducted o Recognition and rewards system
The purpose of the human resources management plan is to achieve CLIVE v2.0 project success by ensuring the appropriate human resources are acquired with the necessary skills, resources are trained if any gaps in skills are identified, team building strategies are clearly defines, and team activities are effectively managed.

Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities of team members and stakeholders must be clearly defined in any project. Depending on the organizational structure, project team members may represent many different groups/departments and act in the interest of…

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