Human Resource Management And The Field Of Management Research

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The role and the impact of HR is continuing evolving and as said by Averbook, the HR is at a critical crossroad as many of those activities and functions can be done in more cost effective way and better way than before thanks to the new technological advancements. Human Resource Management in today’s business context can be understood as – “effective and efficient management of the human capital of the organization”. HRM functions provide an outline for employee’s recruitment, development and termination. The role of HR is changing from a backend function and now companies are aligning it to central strategic business planning. The new role of human resource can be termed as Strategic HRM, where the HR practices are linked to business strategies to achieve the broad based business objectives. Schuler (1992) advises that strategic HRM is all about incorporating employees with the strategic objective and needs of the business. As per Guest 1987; Boxall and Purcell 2011 the concept of strategic HRM has played a vital role in the field of management research and practices. The main rationale of strategic HRM is to integrate HR with overall organization’s business strategy. Now the HR professionals are required to think as strategic consultants to the business so that they can acquire workforce and develop them attain the organizational objectives. The HR professionals who want to excel in the field of Human resources now need to see themselves as business people who…

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