Human Resource Management And An Organization Essay

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Human Resource Management is central to every business and organisation. With rapidly developing technology and increasing forms of globalisation, the work force is forever evolving and thus HRM must adapt along with it.
Motivation is defined as “a driving force or forces responsible for the initiation, persistence, direction and vigour of goal directed behaviour” (Coleman,2009,p.480). This force affects individuals’ direction, intensity and persistence. (Bratton,2015)
In this assignment, I will explore a significant challenge that all HRM departments within any organisation are bound to face. This is the challenge of keeping today’s young workforce continuously motivated to be productive and efficient. Identifying that which drives them to their peak performance will prove particularly useful in introducing programs that both motivate and retain the ideal employees for the business. (Americas Job Exchange,2016)
Although all age groups within an organisation need to be motivated, the millennials are generally the centre of focus. This is a cohort whose entire lives have been enwrapped in a world of continuously advancing technology, as well as major cultural and societal shifts. If employers develop an understanding of the habits and preferences of this generation, it can help the workforce to excel and to better connect with customers as “motivated workers are far more productive”.(Deci&Ryan,2000)
Today’s emerging adults are a hard-striving and remarkably idealistic…

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