Human Race And The World Breaking Record Essay

1448 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
The human race has made huge steps forward in all directions and aspects of life, whether it 's moral, technological, scientific, and even ethical. The human race today and how we behave is very different than it used to be a few centuries ago. We behave differently now than six decades ago when women couldn’t vote or people of color were not considered equal by the majority race. Now that we are in the 21st century, some parts of our world still face some of these problems but in the first world countries, most countries have moved on from such problems where a person has all of his/her human rights. While some parts of the world face different problems, the West where most of the scientific and technological advancements are growing at the world breaking record has one question that is always on the people’s mind; To what extent should we experiment with biotechnology and how do we ensure scientists won’t break any ethical or and moral boundaries? This question have is not easy to answer. Many scientists and known figures in the world have attempted to answer it but yet to this day we don’t have a universal answer where everybody agrees with. That is very understandable because while everyone is working to set these moral and ethical boundaries we face a different problem. The world is different and everyone is looking for a different answer. Not all scientists care about moral and ethical boundaries, some care about their interests and don’t mind trying to clone a human…

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