Human Nature And Its Effects On Society Essay example

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Are human beings civilized or do they just put on a disguise to cover up who they really are? Deep down inside most tend to hide their true selves from the rest of the world, whenever it deems necessary to survive. It is not within human nature to remain or even be civil, since most individuals are quick to judge, and many become easily offended. Everyone in general interprets, perceives and recognizes what they experience in life; in their own way. All human beings can be mean, cruel, selfish, and have no limits in their actions when they are being threatened. Therefore, when mankind is pushed passed it 's limit, their way of thinking and processing information can change instantly. There is historic evidence that has proven humans’ savagery, although humans have overcome many adversities, and have become more sophisticated than what they used to be. Besides, just because mankind is more educated now, does not mean that humans have forgotten their old ways of thinking and behaving. There is a savage nature in all of mankind, consequently savagery has become part of human nature. Survival is one of many excuses mankind uses to become savage. In my humble opinion everyone has the ability to become savage. In the novel “Lord of the flies” Roger is described throwing stones at little kids for fun (Golding 62.) Then, there is Jack and Ralph showing each other their teeth and snarling because they are mad (Golding 177). Finally, the kids who turned into savages, murder…

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