Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

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Is there a good reason that there should be prevention for institutional level, community level, and policy level? There is a good reason like for institutional level that creates prevention programs in order to prevent human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome from spreading. As for community level that creates program to provide training for peer educator in order to teach elder adults to prevent acquired immune deficiency syndrome and human immunodeficiency virus. Policy level also supports prevention in human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome disease from spreading throughout the countries. These three factors that try to prevent diseases from spreading throughout the counties are the prevention at the institutional level, prevention at the community level, and prevention at the policy level.
Prevention at the Institutional level is an organization that agencies are failing to provide prevention programs and do not encourage regular human immunodeficiency virus testing for older adults. There are multiple reasons that the organization does not encourage regular testing of older adults for human immunodeficiency virus. A good example for starter is that some of the older patients’ even reports of being discouraged or ridiculed by doctors for requesting human immunodeficiency virus testing and it is ridiculous. That doctor would refuse an opportunity to have older patient become a test subject for immunodeficiency…

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