Human History of Fishery Exploitation and Marine Trophic Dynamics

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Human History of Fishery Exploitation and Marine Trophic Dynamics

The World's Oceans cover approximately 70% of the Earth's surface; and has been an integral part of human history and development (Brett, Clausen). These large bodies of water are filled with marine life, and provide mankind with food as well as various ecological services. The vast resources and value of the world's oceans have been depended on by the human race virtually since its origin. In early history, marine vegetation and fish were harvested on a subsistence level. As mankind progressed, and populations increased, the nature of there relationship with marine environments shifted from a subsistence based practice to that of a commercial nature. Fish were no
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Despite the conservation efforts and the acceptance of humanities role in the degradation of marine environments; the depletion of fish stock and stable marine ecosystems continue to progress. This is an issue of great importance because the activities of man are directly linked to the worlds oceans, and mankind is deeply reliant on the resources that come from stable ocean environments. Over our history in commercial fishing there has been irreversible damage done to the higher trophic level marine mammals. Analysis of Oceanic systems shows a serious image of the coevolution of human society and the marine environment and its species. Upper trophic level Marine Mammals have a history exploitation on perhaps an irreversible scale. Whales were hunted on a tremendous level starting from 800-1000 A.D. to the point of extinction until December 1996, when the International Whaling Commission (IWC) was established (Svedrup,Armbrust). At that time the IWC was tasked in the interests of commercial objectives in order to provide for whale conservation in the interest of developing a sustainable industry rather than to protect the environment or the species from extinction and the possible outcome within trophic dynamics if whale population were to fall under a certain level. In the 1970's sentiments towards

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