Human Exploitation Of Humans And Human Animals Essay

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While many might not realize, different types of oppressions are often tied together, in a way where one oppression can directly or indirect affect another. Most of us would recognize the oppression towards animals when we consume meat; however, almost none of us note the workers behind the scene who are also oppressed. Torres (2007) and Hawthorne (2011) explore the oppression toward humans and nonhuman animals in this capitalist society that are hidden from the public. Although both articles go toward similar goals, Torres (2007) goes in depth into the discourse of exploitation of humans and animals in various scenarios, whereas Hawthorne (2011) attempts to increase awareness of the hidden production process of the food we eat. Torres (2007) draws on Marx’s theory as well as several relevant books on the topic to explore the normalization of the commodified and exploited humans and non-human animals in the lower end of the “commodity chain” (p. 15). According to the Marxist theory discusses in the article, most people are the proletariats who sell labors to the few bourgeoisies in the society to earn money which eventually goes back into the economic system (Torres, 2007, p. 31). He looks at the issues from a Marxist perspective and discusses how different industries, such as the food industry and medical research, commodify nonhuman animals as a business (Torres, 2007, p. 44-54). Torres (2007) brings in numerous theories and personal experience to illustrate his…

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