Human Errors In The Health, Safety And Environment

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Introduction Elizabeth and Henry are both mangers in the health, safety and environment (HSE) field. They are employed at different companies, but both mange approximately 2,500 employees. For the last four years, Elizabeth and Henry have had their employee’s assess their work site’s safety climate by utilizing the Likert scale that consists of 50 questions with responses ranging one to five. Upon comparing the results from the self-reported survey, Elizabeth and Henry noticed that Elizabeth’s on the job injury and illness rates were substantially better than the industry average and that Henry’s on the job injury and illness rates were worse. It was thought to be that Elizabeth was experiencing under reporting, but that was ruled out. Henry …show more content…
Research has suggested that human error is the top cause of work place accidents (Wallace, Popp, Mondore, 2006). Researchers believe that human error is just a catch all term (Wallace et al., 2006). Human error can be the cause of one or many other factors such as inadequate work tools, unsafe work environments, personality incompatibility, and flawed work design (Wallace et al., 2006). With human error potentially causing a problem in the work force, it could cause someone his/her life. In the United States a fatal death approximately occurs every two hours and a debilitating injury every eight seconds (Zohar, …show more content…
It is estimated that in America work injuries cost approximately $108.4 billion dollars a year (Zohar, 2003). With a company due diligence of critiquing their work place policies and procedures, and being supportive to their employees can make a colossal impact on how employees perform. Managers and supervisors should do more to protect their employees by means of making their presence noticeable, beings supportive and with enforcements.
Human error does play a significant role with incidence rates of injury and illness. When companies do not put emphasis on what is to be expected from their employees, and then employees will become lackadaisical which will cause a significant rise with injury and illness rates. A safe work place with a positive environment can do wonders for the morale and the work ethics of the employee and the

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