Essay on Human Error And Its Effect On Human Behavior

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In law and rulings many things affect the outcome like criminal record, time period, and precedent amongst a few things but our main goal should always be justice. Procedure and process are key by all means but you may follow every step in a manual or recipe right and still produce an outcome unlike you are supposed to its human error our main goal should simply be that of justice. If we can simply take our time and be persistent the truth of every situation will make itself evident we shouldn’t just follow the steps to create a ruling and apply it without truly knowing who is in the right and who is on the wrong, this only leads to the incorrect punishment as well as incorrect offenders. Process and procedure are key to judgements but simply following the book will affect many people who are innocent, judgements need to understand how punishment will affect those in the wrong as well. Human error is often applied to science and scientific research often attempts to measure its effect in experiments though they follow steps, so why is it simply okay for our judicial system to rule without taking into account that in some cases there may not be solid facts and error may be evident? Procedure and process was followed throughout cases like Joyner v. Joyner, State v. Pendergrass, and State v. Rhodes precedent even played a role in each of these cases, yet even though procedure was alike in all three cases and all three dealt with very similar variables the rulings of each would…

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