Human Culture And Self Esteem Essay

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Humans desire to belong originates from Abraham Maslow; “he believed that people are social beings who have a need to belong to a group, to love others, and to be loved. He further stated that if people could not meet this need of belonging, their need for self-esteem would not be able to be satisfied. In other words, without being accepted as part of group or by others, self-esteem doesn 't develop properly” (Baumeister & Leary, 1995). Everyone wants a sense of belonging, something to live for, to strive for. However, not everyone may fully agree with that statement, some people choose to live their lives pretty independent, but deep down they are appreciative for others. “Contrary to cultural materialism, we have proposed that many aspects of human culture are directly related and functionally linked to enabling people to satisfy the psychological need to belong” (Baumeister & Leary, 1995). If human beings didn’t have a desire to belong, then there wouldn’t be as many groups, organizations, churches and activities to participate in. Think of the millions of people who belong to some sort for religious group or cult; they have a desire to belong. Most people find a life partner to spend their entire life with, so they don’t have to be lonely. Looking back in history there are groups and organizations of people, people that come together for a common purpose, to feel the need of belonging.
Question 2 John Bowlby is famous for his theory of attachment in young…

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