Human Culture And Ethnocentrism

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Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism can be defined as the tendency of researchers to use their own culture to study, evaluate, and explain all human behavior. It is also closely related to social construction encompassing the idea that what we take for granted is a consequence of how our culture taught us to see the world. Therefore, our culture acts as a lens through which we see this world. However, this lens changes and varies according to different cultures and over time. Perceiving one’s own cultural practices as normal or superior is a kind of egocentrism in which the individual centers on his own ethnic group, beliefs and or practices. We might even venture to say that all human beings are ethnocentric under one form …show more content…
However, we need to do more than define and illustrate ethnocentrism. We have to bring a sense of balance and evaluate its implications. In this respect, the application of sociological as well as psychological researches to other cultures seem to be questionable and can’t be taken for granted. Yet, it could be argued that ethnocentrism has become less of an issue than it once was since more and more parts of the world has become westernized or Americanized. Another consequence of this increasing global communication is the growth of collaborative cross- cultural …show more content…
Whereas the dung scattered everywhere in the streets is actually collected and operates as a fuel in industry or a fertilizer in agriculture. Other instance of the negative effects ethnocentrism can have on people can be seen in some cultures where people would communicate by not using eye contact as a sign of respect whereas for westerners that would be regarded as a rude way showing lack of interest and not giving attention to the person we are talking to. As a result, we do have to acknowledge that different people communicate through different ways. Other differences might relate to behavior, attitude, values, beliefs, gender differences, and status differences. All these aspects may be grouped under the umbrella of ethnocentrism and cultural

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