Human Beings Need A City Essay

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In Politics, Aristotle addresses the question as to why human beings need a city. When answering such a question, it is important to know what a city is and its evidence of it being a natural being. Aristotle also points out humans being political animals as the reason behind the need for a city, as well as the connection that political animals and cities hold.

Cities are required due to them being the absolute best community, or an end-goal of the people. “For the end is sometimes an activity, sometimes a product beyond the activity; and when there is an end beyond the action, the product is by nature better than the activity” (Ethics, 1094a-1094b). In this case, it states that such a community forms from a number of villages, with the activity being the congregation of the villages, and the city being the end or the product. The city is natural because it’s origins and process of development is natural. Humans naturally draw towards each other, all while creating larger and larger communities, proving it’s origins as being natural. It’s process of creation is also natural, with humans naturally drawing towards each other for this one common goal of creating a city. When these communities come together, a city is created as a form of ultimate self-sufficiency. The city has everything needed for it’s citizens to achieve happiness, which is the ultimate end-goal. As people naturally work with each other towards this self-sufficient community, they are working towards…

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