Human And Resource Mobilisation Theory Essay

2434 Words Oct 16th, 2016 10 Pages
As a movement, the main driving power of ISIS has been the physical force, and how this has created an uprising. But throughout this movement putting aside the destruction, ISIS has attempted to create credibility and sought to be seen as a legitimate state. ISIS has had a clear message, and that has led to recruitment of a large military force, and the intimidation of enemy forces, and the global media. In recent times there has been various factors in the lead up to this type of movement, including technological advances, including mobile phones, mapping services, and social media. ISIS has taken what was an internal conflict and it has become an important political issue across the world. On of the most important parts of a movement, not just the ISIS movement is the support of Non-Governmental organisations, this essay will discuss recruitment and the support provided by NGOs, particularly in relation to the systems used by the Zapitista movement. Using theoretical frameworks of Framing, global civil society and resource mobilisation theory, I will explore how ISIS as a movement presents as a movement, and how that has led to such a strong force, that the west are either afraid of dealing with, or unable to understand.

The recruitment process for the Islamic State or ISIS has become a shock for many people in the western world. Not being able to comprehend the notions of why people within western communities would want to fight for such an extremist cause. The…

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