Human Activities Cause Global Warming Essay

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Global warming refers to a form of climate change that results in an increase in the average temperature of the lower part of the earth’s atmosphere (Jian-Bin et al. 37). Global warming is real and is happening all over the earth 's surface despite varied opinions from conspiracies. It’s secondary to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor and methane gas among others (Shepherd 10). The primary gas that has contributed to the greenhouse effect and global warming is CO2, which often comes from human activities. However, a conspiracy has come to falsify that global warming is present. For instance, some people have argued that in the past 17 years, the temperature has not risen, meaning that the earth is not warming up (Hawkins 1). Using this and many other claims, they have argued that global warming is a myth that lacks scientific backup. Despite the existence of various conspiracies, this essay argues that human activities cause global warming, which negatively affects man, who should strive to offset it by avoiding risky behaviors. Evidence for Global Warming
Some scientists have come up with findings that human activities aren 't responsible for the global rise in temperatures. They argue that there have been four warming events in the past between about 80,000 to 120,000 years intervals before the current warming cycle (Towsey 3). This period is very long before the current human activities…

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