Essay about Hrm. Recruitment and Selection Report

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Human Resource Management.
Recruitment and selection report.

February 2008

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Human Resources Management.
Human Resources Management (HRM) is described by Michael Armstrong in A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice as “strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business” . One of the main parts of HRM is the process of recruitment and selection, which is vital for success of every organization.
I strongly agree with the sentence, that having an objective and organized recruitment and selection policy is a key to organizational success. Below I will
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Employers should consider the importance given to reference information and be aware of that the applicants choose their own personal referees. The references has to be accurate and the overall impression given must be fair and reasonable.
3. Interview- is the most popular method of selection. The reason of that is that employment can’t be offered without the employer meeting with candidates and as well the potential employees would not feel comfortable about starting new job without meeting some of the company’s members. An interview is also consider as a mechanism in which are communicated information regards job and organization to the candidate, as an aim of giving realistic job preview. The structure of an interview may vary, although always contains four basic elements:
a) Contact and explanation of the interview program.
b) The interviewer asks questions and the interviewee responds with information.
c) The interviewee asks questions and the interviewer responds.
d) Closing the interview and agreement on what happens next.
Researches shows that usually interviewers make up their minds and make a decision within the first few minutes of an interview and then the rest of the time they spent confirming the first impression.
a) One to one interview- is an interface between the candidate and the representative of the organization. It is often less stressful that the situation where a candidate has to faced

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