Hr Subject Analysis Essay

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The Human Resources Professional: In Theory and in Practice The field of Human Resources has expanded and evolved over time. From administrative functions to strategic collaborating, Human Resources professionals lend an invaluable degree of support to companies and their missions. As the field itself expands and evolves so must the Human Resources Professional. Over the course of her career the HR professional examined in this case has performed many responsibilities in this growing field including, training and development, employees relations, personnel policies, and recruitment and selection. She has demonstrated the initiative necessary to be successful in this arena.
Training and Development
Training and development are crucial
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(2014), companies rely on HR professionals to “help them maintain positive relations with employees.” HR professionals do so by monitoring and working to improve employee productivity and morale. Further, employee relations focuses on guaranteeing that employees have sufficient information about the things affect their work such as benefits, job dissatisfaction, and company policies (Noe et al., 2014). The subject of this analysis has had a significant degree of responsibility in this area. While working at Unique Industries, she was responsible for overseeing the employee birthday incentive and other morale boosting activities. In addition, as a restaurant manager it was her duty to administer performance evaluations and provide counseling to employees as necessary. Moreover, she communicated company policies and procedures by producing a comprehensive employee handbook, detailing the particulars of the workplace.
Personnel Policies
Organizations rely on HR professionals to develop employee policies; they are expected to have fair and ethical decision making abilities (Noe et al., 2014). According to Steven D. Olsen, director of the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at Georgia State University in Atlanta, HR professionals should be “both guardians and champions of the ethical culture in their organizations” (as cited by Meinert, 2014). The policies developed by HR professionals not only help the company act fairly toward all employees, but also

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