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Assignment 4: Rewarding Volunteers Due Week 8 and worth 200 points The Online University has established a broadcasting station that must be staffed with volunteers because of budgetary constraints. Volunteers are selected and trained to fill certain roles. The program director did not have a leadership style that worked well with the volunteers, and ultimately he left. For nine months, there was no program director. Another newly hired program director did not get along with the volunteers

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There are many advantages in having well motivated employees such as: fewer sick leaves, fewer complaints, increased attention, and higher productivity. To be a good motivational leader the key skills a person must have are: knowledge and skill, effective communication - e.g. speaking and listening, confidence, commitment, energy, awareness and openness. Leaders will not be able to apply one principle and method for all subordinates, they will have to work with each employee or team individually and learn to which leadership and motivational styles are applicable to that individual. The adaptation to find the most efficient motivation through leadership style can be referred to as Situational Sensitivity.

To volunteer is to undertake something under one's freewill without any form of reimbursement. Volunteers wish to assist others in life, rather than just themselves. The benefit volunteers receive is a mere personal satisfaction in knowing they have helped out others.

Giving blood, volunteer firefighting, and cleaning up litter are just a few examples of ways you can volunteer to better help society and the environment. If you would like to assist the homeless, then you could volunteer in a soup kitchen for the homeless. There are many ways to volunteer which doesn't require much on your part, but for the people it helps, it would mean the world. When you volunteer to give blood, you may be saving a
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