Why Did The Us Enter World War 1 Analysis

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The First World War was caused between the triple entente 's which include the United Kingdom, the Russian empire, and France, along with the triple alliance which included Austria- Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Germany. The United States had decided they wanted to join the war. Howard Zinn has an argument on why the United States decided to enter the war. The United States has a lot of reasons or ways that they wanted to go into the war with all the other counties.
The overall argument of Howard Zinn on why the United States entered the war was because of money and how much money the U.S. could make going to war. It was also about the powerful group in society keeping or gaining power. The war was not about the United States it was about the European Alliances. Before the United States entered the war they were worried about the health of state and their socialism was growing as well. The “economic necessities” behind going to war was that the recession had begun in the United States. In 1897 the foreign investment in the United States as $700 million and in 1914 the foreign
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While the US history textbooks have the United States entering the war because of the allies removing another border differing from Zinn and his perspective. Zinn and the US history textbooks differ on their interpretations I feel because of the political correctness. Money is really what is behind the entry to the war no matter how you really look at it. Zinn’s interpretation is very rough and direct not sugar coating how he sees the entrance of the war. The textbook has the interpretation of a softer more politically correct way of saying the same thing, yet different. Textbook goes on to share how important the alliances and relationships are and not solely money. While looking at a country 's best interest is going to entail being neutral to maintain power and a strong

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