Howard High School Was Established For African American Students During The Time Of Segregation

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Howard High School was established for African American students during the time of segregation. The school closed in the mid 1980’s and transitioned into Georgetown High School. After purchasing this land January 1, 1866, Georgetown Colored Academy built a school here. By 1908 the old building had been torn down and a new school built, its name changed to Howard. The elementary department moved into a new structure on Kaminski Street in 1938; the high school followed in 1949. After the 1984 graduation, predominantly black Howard merged with the mostly white Winyah School to form Georgetown High School”. Howard High later became an adult education center. However, the gym remained open to children and adults of the community. The gymnasium was a place where most of the recreational activities took place after school. During the summer months and weekends it was filled with children of the community. In 2014, it was announced the gym would close and would never reopen. The announcement of the closing hit the airways and social media as if it was cancer. A place where most of our families reached a milestone and a place that the youth sometimes related to as their sanctuary deserved to be an everlasting part of the community and a place of foggy memory. The county publicized that the gym was undergoing remodeling, only to find that the representatives had donated the entire floor to another school. A couple of weeks later, it was announced the gymnasium would close…

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