Essay How Was Music Created? How Did It Start?

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How was music created? How did it start? How did effect people lives? What do people use it for? Well the first instrument is the human voice since until someone used thigh bones of a bear in Neanderthals, which is now Slovenia. That was over 50,000 years ago. In today society there are so many instruments that people can choose from. They can play a saxophone, guitar, drums or even a triangle. Also, people will use different objects to create music. You will find people playing hands, buckets, tapping their feet, and anything they can make music with. The old Testament makes a ton references to music especially after the Jewish people crossing the Red Sea and escaping from the chaos in Egypt. Miriam the sister of the Jewish leader Moses, used her tambourine to the Jewish people to sing and dance to God for helping the Jewish escape Egypt. A lot of music was created in churches and synagogues or by traveling on the long roads. Many traditions of the Jewish religion moved into the Christians churches. Traditions play a key part in music since in the early stages of music being developed someone kept on passing down how play a musical instrument like the thigh bones of a bear or how to use a human voice. At least in the Jewish religion we still pray the same songs like prophets Moses, Jacob, Miriam, Isaac, Abraham, Aaron and others. Sure different cultures will pronounce and say words or psalms differently; however, they all mean the same. Also, traditions will continued…

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