How Urban Farming Affects The World As A Whole? Essay

930 Words Oct 23rd, 2014 4 Pages
When I say urban farming, the first thought that comes to mind is either hippies or school kids building a garden in the middle of a city somewhere. Usually that would be true but what if someone had not only a vision but the means to take the ideas of urban farming to the next level? What would it look like? How would it run? Is it possible to not only turn a profit from this idea but also take it to the masses? Some people have already begun to try and answer these questions, with the help of web sites like as well as federal grants. Individuals with not only the means but the funds to create sustainable year round crops are changing farming as we know it. With old warehouses some have begun to cut out the sun and soil entirely. Should they succeed what would be the impact on the world as a whole? As I began to look into the idea using urban farming as a means for all of our produce needs and not just a small time local grower with limited amounts of fruits and vegetables I came across a couple of companies that are trying to mass produce food in order to fill the void in city’s where year round growing is normally impossible. But the idea is not only to fill a void but produce at much more efficient level, and I say this because these new wave farmers are able to grow up to 18 times more crops per acre verse traditional farming. The first of these companies I was able to come across was Big Box Farms who, with grants from the National Science Foundation,…

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