How To Save Our Planet Essay

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We have one planet to live on. Have you ever thought of that? We only have this one giant rock, hurtling through the sky at speeds too fast for us to even comprehend; and we have nowhere else to go. Yet, we still take advantage of our home. We pollute it, mine mountains, clear-cut forests and think nothing of it. In everyday life people normally like to keep their home clean and tidy, they may buy insurance to help them buy a new one if something happens to their old one. Earth is our home, yet we don’t treat it like one. We do not try to keep our planet clean and tidy, nor do we take any precautionary measures to protect it. For my senior exit project I want to work to preserve a small piece of the Earth. To do my part to take care of my home. …show more content…
This is because without it, nothing we know would survive. Our planet is seventy-two percent water but only three percent of that is fresh water and can be used by humans and animals for hydration. Of that three percent, seventy percent is locked in ice caps and not readily accessible to humans to use, leaving only about 0.3 percent of fresh water in locations that can be used by many organisms of the planet. And with 8.7 million, give or take a few million, species on Earth; we are sharing very limited quantities, with one-third of the human population living in “water-stressed” regions. Somehow, however, we have managed to survive, “Compared to the other animals…humans seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to water. We 're dependent on the day-to-day availability of fresh, clean water. We can 't survive on seawater, we can 't live underwater, and we can 't capture rainwater on our backs. We lose water through perspiration, urination, and by exhalation--we breathe out water vapor. Only by using our intelligence and ingenuity have humans managed to live in areas where water is relatively scarce, as well as places where it 's salty or frozen.” (“Humans and Water”) As a species we have shown to be able to survive anywhere and find clean water to drink. But what about air? That is everywhere so it isn’t in trouble, is

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