How Thomas Gray 's Life Affected His Work Essay

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How Thomas Gray’s life affected his work Thomas Gray was one of the most influential poets during the 18th century and produced many widely known poems and works of literature throughout his life. Many events within his life contributed to his style and topics while writing his poetry. The works of Thomas Gray were influenced by the death of his close friend, Richard West, his time spent on The Grand Tour with Walpole, and the time he spent at Eton College as a professor and a scholar. Thomas Gray’s life is generally split into three time periods, then early years, the middle years and the later years. The first stage of Thomas Gray’s life is the early years. This includes his childhood, his time at Eton College, his friendship with Ashton, West and Walpole, his early years at Cambridge, and his grand tour of Europe. The second major stage of Thomas Gray’s life is the middle years. During this time Gray begins to write some of his early poems and focuses on his life after his return to Cambridge, the history of Elegy Written in a country Churchyard, and concludes with the publication of his Pindaric odes. The third and final major stage of Gray’s life comes with the later years. The later years contain Gray’s studies of Norse and Welsh odes, his travels to several regions of Great Britain, as wells as his later acquaintances. All of these time periods played a major role in the development of Gray’s style as a poet and as a writer. Walpole and Gray met at Eton College and…

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