Edgar Allan Poe And The Masque Of Red Death Essay

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Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe are two of the biggest poets from the 1800s. They are both great writers whose lives contributed to their styles of writing and who wrote about death. They both write about experiences of death and how it affect the living. Edgar Allan Poe lost his parents at the age of three. His later life was spent struggling with alcoholism and depression due to loneliness (May,Edgar Allan Poe).Poe’s writings often reflected a common theme of death because that is all he saw when he was growing up. Emily Dickinson was a lonely writer who rarely left home or had any visitors (Brand). Her poems are
According to Charles E. May in Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on January 19,1809. His
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His work, most often, reflected loneliness, due to death, and, in “The Masque of Red Death,” that is evident. The character in the story is Poe because he tried to save everyone from the plague but could not, just like Poe tried to save his loved ones. In the story, he uses seven different rooms with seven different colors because it represents seven stages of his life. The order and the color of the room are blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet and black. The order of the rooms represent the beginning of life to death. The color of the first room is blue, which suggests the beginning of life and the last room is black which represents death. The direction is which the rooms appear are also important because they appear from east to west which represents light to dark( May, The Masque of The Red …show more content…
One of most famous poems about the theme of death, “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” explores the theme of death. Line 1 and 2 “Because I could not stop for Death.” This line shows how death waits for her. In line 12, “We passed the setting sun” she uses symbolism in the poems to symbolize death and darkness by the uses of setting sun. In this line she is talking about her death and how she imagines it will be. In line 17 and 18, “We paused before a House that seemed a swelling of the ground.” The house in the line represents the graveyard where her loved ones were buried and where she will be

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