How Did Edgar Allan Poe Impact On Society

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Edgar Allen Poe: His Works, Life, and Impact Edgar Allan Poe was an interesting American writer of poetry and short stories that changed the way many people viewed short fiction. His stories are read by millions of readers everywhere. His psychiatric touch to his stories are what made them so unique. In particular his story, “The Raven,” is a classic Edgar Allen Poe poem that is worth taking a closer look at.
Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, in 1809 with his father David and mother Elizabeth. Poe was not even three when his mother passed away; his father passed away a week later. Poe was then taken in by John and Frances Allen but they never formally adopted him. “Allan, a Scottish-born
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After years of success and outstanding works, Poe passed away in 1849 from mysterious circumstances in Baltimore. All in all, Poe was an outstanding author whose works will forever be read.
Many writers have written critically about the work, “The Raven,” by Edgar Allen Poe. Two authors that will be discussed here are Leland Person, professor at Southern Illinois University, and P. Pendleton Cooke, an editor for the Southern Literary Messenger. They both bring a unique perspective to understanding Poe’s remarkable poem, “The Raven.” Leland Person focused on the self-deconstruction of the poem. “…he deconstructs not only his own “philosophy of composition,” but philosophy itself-making philosophy essentially synonymous with composition” (Person 59). Person notes that anyone who reads “The Raven,” is, in a sense, reading a story that parallels the student in the story. “At the most basic level, both the reader outside the text and the student inside it are trying to read “The Raven.” The raven, like the poem with which it is synonymous, utters a word whose meaning must be interpreted, although this is not to say that the raven is the author of the word, “Nevermore” (Person 59). In other words, Poe’s use of a raven to speak just one word leaves it up to the student in the story to come up with what it means. “White the raven (“The Raven”) utters only a word-only itself-the student (the reader) manipulates the text in order to make it mean what he wants it to mean” (Person

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