How The Government Influences Education Essay

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Today we learned about how the government influences education. I had not realized how complicated the education government map is and how many people influence education. The states govern public education as satiated by the 10th Amendment in the United States Constitution. Education policies are set by the State Board of Education. School are financed many different ways, but two of which is categorical grants, spent for a specific purpose, and block grants, flexible money. The Annual Yearly Progress of a school is watched. No Child Left Behind and Elementary Secondary Education Act say that a school needs to make an improvement each year in order to get funding. If progress is not made then privatization may happen where a school is given to a business. As a class we discussed how schools make budget cuts. In a small group we discussed ways that schools could cut money and fundraise to get more money. As a class we took a field trip to the school board meeting. This was my first school board meeting and was very excited to attend. The school boards budget was approved by the state and then passed by the board. Students from EC Glass and Heritage High School were thanked for their service throughout the year. These students are elected by their peers and sit on the board. Before this I had not realized that students were on the board. A resolution was made for students to be able to receive free breakfast and lunch during the summer and was passed. Some teachers came…

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