How The Eating Habits Has Changed Throughout Your Life Essay

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Food supply in the United States has been altered frequently since 1906. Food has been a focused point in health for a long time and it is something that keeps getting discussed and changed every year depending on the information that is found in various research pages. With the food in the United States it also has been altered frequently because the various changes in Americans and the way that they live their lives. More research has also shown various trends that people have been trying to break throughout their lives. In this paper it will better help you to understand how important the eating habits are with wellness and also how eating habits has changed throughout your life. The various changes in how society has been eating also takes an effort other than how you eat it also effects the stores and how they stock their stores. The supply of healthier food has caused stores to try to stock more of the lean and nutrition food rather than the high fat supplies that was wanted in the previous years (Holton, 1951). In society we should also think about how the small things we do will take an effort and cause other things to change as well. Your eating habits you think are just you making healthier choices also affect how the stores would stock their products and start decreasing a certain section because they are not meeting the sales in that particular product. A study shows that with the type of food you eat it will also cause you to have some affects with…

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