How The Divorce Is Better Than An Unhappy Marriage Essays

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Can you imagine being married to someone that you cannot stand to be around? Now, imagine that you have children with this person. As a responsible adult, you must pretend that you do not want to turn in the opposite direction and run. For your children’s sake, you must stay and suffer quietly… right? That is completely wrong! Staying together for the children will only harm them by exposing them to constant conflict, which stresses the children out, gives them a negative opinion of marriage, and can possibly lead to them having failed marriages themselves.
If the above paragraph describes the situation that you are in, there are a few things you can do. Try going to marriage counseling, talk your religious leader, or a mediator. Give your marriage every chance to survive, but know when to call it quits. I believe that a divorce is better than an unhappy marriage, an amicable divorce is even more favorable. This may sound negative to you, but I have been through it. Here is a mental image for you, imagine your four year old daughter strolling happily into your room, only to discover that your husband is on top of you, choking you. Do you stay? With your days endlessly filled with yelling, arguing, and things being thrown, you have little room for anything but stress, sadness, anxiety, or even depression. I experienced all of this, and more while stuck in my marriage.
I grew tired of arguing, it left a constant nausea deep in my stomach whenever my ex-husband was around. I…

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