How The Community We Know As Med Evac Or Dust Off Was Developed, And How It Has Shaped

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When the need to wage war is at hand, multiple issues come to play. An issue that comes to mind is a guarantee; there will be casualties and there will be plenty of them. During my research I will discuss how the community we know as Med Evac or Dust-Off was developed, and how it has shaped our combat power throughout our most note able combat operations.
In 1917 as tensions grew in Europe between the Allies and the Central Power, The United States entered the WWI also known as “The Great war”. While we were trying to find new ways to expeditiously remove casualties from the battlefield, due to the number of lives that perished we needed a change. Ford and General Motors provided a vehicle that could ground evacuation the wounded but this method was still insufficient. Finally the first Aeromedical Airplane provided that method and Medical Evacuation was born. Using a JN-4 airplane casualties were able to be moved from the front lines to medical care in the rear.
1941 yet again the Allies find themselves fighting against a powerful force the Axis which consisted of Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the United States and its Allies began to swiftly strike the Axis; as casualties continued to grow, we found ourselves in need of air evacuation aircraft. 1943 the first Medical Evacuation team was developed called the Air Commandos. This fleet of 30 Stinson L-5s operated daily evacuating over 3000 casualties in the 1st month alone. In 1944 the…

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