Essay on How The Church Today Keeps The Gospel Of Living Tradition

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VI. Liturgical Analysis
Another way to examine this scriptural passage is liturgically or how the Church today keeps the Gospel in living Tradition. This is important because the Gospels and scripture are not just for the times they happened but they are read and explained especially during the liturgy of the mass because they are words that all peoples should live by. John 2:1-11 is proclaimed during the second Sunday in ordinary time. Paired with the Gospel are two readings; the first being from the book of Isaiah and the second reading is from the book of Corinthians. Along with these three readings the responsorial psalm is a song of praise to God about his marvelous deeds. The first reading is from Isaiah 62:1-5. It is about how God delights in Israel and they will rejoice as a bride groom rejoices over his bride. Off the bat there are obvious words such as “bridegroom” and “bride” that are the same words one hears during a wedding ceremony especially during the time of Christ. The wedding feast is often associated with the baptism of the Lord. The first reading from Isaiah speaks on how during the old covenant before Christ, Israel would be called “my delight,” and will “be called by a new name.” However Christ is the new covenant and during Christ’s baptism the Lord proclaims that Jesus is His beloved son with whom He is well pleased. He becomes this new bridegroom and the heavenly father rejoices…

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