Essay about How Teens Go Into Depression

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Today our parents ' believe that we have it easy and wonder why we are always on technology. Us teens might have it easy sometimes, but on some days we have it hard. Teens go through a lot of stuff that we don 't even want to tell our parents. Let 's just say that this girl named Claire is having a hard time in high school. She constantly gets bullied at school and out of school on social media. The bullies pick on her, because they think that she doesn 't in or doesn 't look pretty enough. So, Claire looks at herself in the mirror everyday wishing that she can improve what 's on her body. This can make us teens go into depression or even think about suicide. On the other hand, we do kind of have it easy. If we don 't understand anything or just don 't want to do our work, we can just go on Google. The Internet basically has everything you need. You can shop on there instead of going to the mall. Back then, as our parents would say “We didn 't have anything of that stuff”.

My mom always told me that I 'm a very lucky kid. I always asked her, “Why do you think that?” She would respond, “Because every time you turn around the corner there 's an opportunity waiting for you, and when I was younger grandma couldn 't afford for the things that was offered to me”. As I think about as I get older by the minute, I start to appreciate every time I get an opportunity to do or go somewhere, because if my mom couldn 't offered majority of offers I have received, I wouldn 't be where I…

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