Essay on How Technology Influenced The Nature Of Warfare

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Technology was somewhat revolutionised from the mid-nineteenth to the end of the twentieth-century and is often considered contingent in the transformation in the nature of warfare in the same time period. However, when assessing the extent to which the deployment of new technology influenced the nature of warfare, it is first necessary to define what exactly the ‘nature of warfare’ refers to: the duration, organisation of forces, intensity, experiences of civilians and outcomes of each war. Indeed, one must bear in mind that, as well as technology, other factors are also thought to have influenced the nature of warfare and sometimes been decisive in deciding the outcome of the war: for example, respective economic might, public support, tactics, organisation and determination.
The use of the Minie Bullet in the Crimean War (1853-56) by the British against the Russians to devastating effect, so much so that the New York Times referred to it as the “king of weapons” in the Battle of Inkerman in 1954. Death tolls for the British in the war as a whole are reported around 21,000 out of 250,000, compared to as high as 256,000 out of 700,000 for the Russians. However, this can’t be solely attributed to the use of the Minie Bullet as it went into the war unproven and was only initially used by some regiments in a ‘trial period’. As the war progressed, the Bullet’s effectiveness was proven and its use became more and more widespread. A more reliable insight to its effectiveness…

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