How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Can one truly pinpoint the definition of technology? It is constantly evolving so the definition twenty years ago would not compare to it in this day in age. Whether twenty years ago or today, it still impacts people in a way in which is unexplainable. From contacting people around the globe, to searching a question and getting an answer immediately, technology sure has altered many people’s lives.

I was never very technologically advanced growing up. I did not get my first phone until 7th grade (which today would be an outrage considering 10 year olds have phones). My first account on a computer was my school email being in the sixth grade- never having that oh-so precious AIM account middle schoolers boasted about. And, I did not have unlimited texting until freshman year. I grew up in a family where technology was not our first priority. Sure we had a TV, computer and a laptop, but having the latest iPads, iPhones or computers were never a must.

When it came to technology in the school system I grew up in, it was never enforced. To be completely honest it was looked down upon as a way for cheating on homework assignments and cyber bullying. This whole mindset changed when I was a sophomore in high school, though. Things were different. We got older and matured and my teacher at the time seemed to have this trust in us that I had not received anywhere else.

It was the first day of chemistry during sophomore year and I was nervous as can be. Never taking a chemistry…

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