How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Through Technological Advancement

817 Words Dec 12th, 2014 4 Pages
The iGeneration Throughout history, humankind has been trying to improve their lives through technological advancement. With that being said, the American culture is no exception. In the United States the major economic focus is on pushing the bar, and thus moving forward in advancement. Recently, tools such as the Internet have thrown humanity into what is now called the digital age. The Internet provides whatever is desired. However- as beneficial as that sounds, there is also a simultaneous risk factor. The adolescents of America [defined as 13-18 years of age] in the Digital age seem to be at an increased risk for cognitive & behavioral disadvantages. Furthermore- the questions still remain: in what way is Internet use beneficial and consequential? How has this altered the minds of America’s youth; how has research on this development predicted the future of the adolescent state of mind-in regards to such interconnectivity? The Internet has improved many aspects of life for adolescents. Although new in a sense, the Internet has been around for quite some time. Thomas Haigh clearly states, “The computer is not a particularly new invention. The first modern computer programs were run in 1948, long before many of us were born. Yet for decades, it was consistently presented as a revolutionary force whose imminent impact on society would utterly transform our lives” (2014). Transforming the lives of youth is exactly what it is doing. According to a study by…

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