How Technology Affects Our Consumer Driven Essay

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Part 1: Draw upon this week 's course readings and materials to identify and describe three characteristics of today 's marketplace that have shaped our consumer-driven "experience economy." Do you agree that organizations today must build and communicate a strong, value-driven, connection-based brand (internally and externally) in order to survive and thrive?

After reading the textbook chapters for this week’s course material readings, there are three characteristics of today’s marketplace that shape our consumer-driven “experience economy.” The first being the Worldwide Web, also know as, the Internet. Digital technology is another characteristic of today’s marketplace that shapes our consumer-driven “experience economy.” Lastly, social media platforms play a role in how we shape our “experience economy.” Technology has made it easy to purchase items straight from your PC, Smartphone or tablet.

The Worldwide Web or known as the Internet has become the world’s leading competitor when it comes to purchasing selling items. According to Solis, “The future of business comes down to relevance and the ability to understand how technology affects decision making and behavior to the point where the recognition of new opportunities and the ability to strategically adapt to them becomes the competitive advantage” (p. 14).

Digital technology helps with letting a consumer share experiences with different products before purchasing that product(s) that are out on the market in…

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