How Technological Development Changed The United States Change The Nature Of Government

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How did expansion and technological development in the United States change the nature of government? How do we see progress, is it accomplishments that pile can reach the heavens, is it bringing safety of your people, or is it gaining strength for your nation by expanding. Isn’t that the expansion and technological boom in the United States was bound to happen at some point in which would have been beneficial to the government and the people as a whole and that is “progress”. It is change that sharpens the individual to go beyond one 's limits and the same can be said as change sharpened the government to be better. It can come from wanting to help improve moving products and helping to better one 's life through profit called the old American spirit.
It began with the market revolution the expansion of the marketplace that occurred in the early nineteenth-century America, which was prompted mainly by the construction of new roads, canals, and railroads to connect people together. This revelation caused a wave of new ideas to better improve transportation; to increase the speed of goods to arrive early and made the cost of transportation easier and flexible. It was focused by the need for transportation and access as they wanted to be able to reach others and stay connected as a community and a nation; after which the government increased production of early roads, extensive canals along navigable waterways, and later elaborate railroad networks. This age was considered to…

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