Essay about How Stress Can Have A Profound Impact On All Family Members

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Stressors Most Amendable to Change Stress can have a profound impact on all family members. Understanding the dynamics of the family and utilizing available resources will assist the Yellowbird family in overcoming many obstacles they have experienced. Carol and Jeff do not have a solid support system of family. However, they rely on each other to provide support. With continued support from Jason’s foster parents, community agencies, and the ability to provide wrap around services, the Yellowbird family will be able to overcome many of their stressors. Everyone possesses the ability to change. Thomlison (2016, p.20), states there are four factors that attribute to successful family outcomes.
A therapeutic alliance will assist the Yellowbird family in developing their active listening to understand the importance or forming healthy relationships, to include Jason being able to verbalize his feelings. It will assist Carol and Jeff in being empathetic, accepting, and aid in maintaining an emotional connection with each family member. The family characteristics or having an understanding of the presenting problems, being able to recognize Jason’s motivation for change, and Jason being able to see their acceptance will contribute to the outcome. The family forming a partnership in determining goals and providing feedback will open the door for active communication, which will strengthen Carol and Jeff’s ability to effectively parent. The type of practice used by…

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