How Sociology Is Involved With Voices Into Action Essays

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I am a sociologist. When I tell people this, I usually get a strange look. “A what?” people will say. “Is that like a psychologist?” others will ask. These are good questions. You do not meet that many sociologists because most of us work at universities where we teach sociology classes. And some people can go to college, leave with a degree, and never take a sociology class. Here is my attempt to explain what a sociologist is, what we do, and how sociology is involved with Voices into Action.

A sociologist is a person who studies society. What is society? It is you, me, our families, neighbors, schools, workplaces, government, hospitals, the military, the media, and almost any other type of group you can think of. Basically a society is all of those things combined. If that seems like a pretty big “thing” to study, it is. Maybe that is why it takes 8-10 years of school to become a sociologist!

In reality each sociologist will choose one part of society to study. Voices into Action was started by sociologists and other people at NC State University who are interested in families, and food, and health. To learn about more about how families eat, they decided to interview mothers and grandmothers who care for small children. Other sociologists study things like crime, the workplace, health and illness, and sexuality.

Sociologists are always trying to understand how individual behaviors are influenced by the social world. None of us lives on an island alone. Instead, who we…

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