How Social Media Can Promote Social Change Essay

2108 Words Apr 3rd, 2015 null Page
How to Utilize Social Media to Facilitate Social Change Social media, like other forms of communication, has its limitations. It does however, have a place in our ever-evolving technologically savvy world to enhance social change. However, there are those who agree that social media has a place in society but doubt its substance in terms of influencing the real world. With today 's advances in communications through social media, online communities can facilitate increased collaboration among family and friends, create new friendships and interests, deliver useful information to mass numbers almost instantly, offer educators and students valuable access to educational support/materials and strengthen social and political change (Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?). This essay will argue that social media, if utilized efficiently and appropriately can serve as a tangible tool for enhancing social change. Communication technologies play a crucial role in the development and perseverance of many modern day social movements. Twitter, for example, like other technology platforms has the capability to offer several benefits to these movements. Most importantly, for example, it provides the opportunity to connect the people in service to organize resources and collective framing, two things needed for social movements’ success (Conover et al.). Additionally, social media’s power to instantly spread the word of outrages, fuel public opinion, and to support people…

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